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    Anything Goes Salami Spaghetti

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    Spaghetti with salami

    Anything Goes Salami Spaghetti

    After two months travelling back and forth to London (UK), Cuba, Arizona, Montreal, Vancouver, Kelowna, Seattle and Israel, I’m finally home for a while, and thoughts of potential gastronomical delights taunt me.

    In our goodie bag from IFBC, we received a Creminelli Tartufo handcrafted Italian salami with black truffle.  I was eager to experiment with it, and also wanted to use up some other leftover ingredients, so I decided to cook up a big plate of spaghetti with a sauce incorporating the loose ends in my fridge.  The salami was delicious so of course I forced myself to *sample* while cooking.  It was all I could do to save some for an antipasti plate later, and for Chris to have some.

    Basil and Salami

    Tartufo Salami and fresh basil from my garden. The cutting board is also from our IFBC goodie bags.

    Feel free to alter the recipe as you deem fit.  The point is to make it work with your tastes and what you have lying around.  I haven’t included amounts as everything is to taste!  This spaghetti is REALLY good.  The flexibility of the recipe and sheer deliciousness ensures this won’t be the last time it graces my table.

    Anything Goes Salami Spaghetti

    Cook spaghetti in boiling water until al dente (still slightly firm).  Drain, put aside.  Return pot to stove over medium- low heat.  Add tomato sauce (jarred or home-made) and cream and mix together.  Add whatever ingredients you want; I added sliced mushrooms, green olives, chopped salami, and lots of fresh basil, which I grow in my kitchen potted herb garden.  Stir and heat through.

    Rose sauce

    Sauce coming together

    Put spaghetti on plate.  Pour sauce over top.  Garnish with additional basil leaves.  Enjoy with a nice glass of your preferred wine.