A few months ago, I spent some time doing volunteer work in Kenya through the volunteer agency International Volunteer HQ. I stayed with a Kenyan family and volunteered at an orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons camps, and with the Masai (warrior tribes in Kenya). It was an extremely moving experience. Read more.

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    Dr Oz 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse / My First Fight!

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    I’ve been steadily increasing my muay thai training (a martial art hailing from Thailand involving punches, elbows, knees, kicks and clinching) over the last couple of months, gearing up for my first fight (!) coming up on April 28.  I’m excited to put my skills to the test; no matter how much you train regularly, spar (practice fighting) with your muay thai buddies, or condition your body through working out at the gym, when you step into the ring on Fight Night with 200 people watching and screaming, adrenaline pumping, it’s different.

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    What I’ve Been Up To Lately

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    It has been a BUSY few months.

    I was away for most of the Fall.  If you read my blog regularly you’ll know all about my adventures at the muay thai training camp Sinbi in Phuket, Thailand, which were so helpful in improving my technique that I’m trying to figure out when I can head back this year.

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    Sinbi Muay Thai- Week Three and Beyond!

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    My third week at Sinbi, where I’m training in the Thai martial art of muay thai, was awesome.  I did two private training sessions daily, one with Pot and one with Bao V, plus group sessions.  I’ve learnt A LOT, and try to take notes after each session, although it can be difficult to remember everything.  Pot, who is reputed to be the best clincher in Thailand and has quite the experience and impressive reputation, teaches me only a handful of key techniques each time to ensure I won’t be overwhelmed, and with Bao V we mostly spar and he’ll review drills and critique while doing so. …continue reading Sinbi Muay Thai- Week Three and Beyond!