A few months ago, I spent some time doing volunteer work in Kenya through the volunteer agency International Volunteer HQ. I stayed with a Kenyan family and volunteered at an orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons camps, and with the Masai (warrior tribes in Kenya). It was an extremely moving experience. Read more.

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    Foodie panel with Dufflet, Zane Caplansky, Chef Ezra and David Sax

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    I wasn’t going to miss this UJA Federation of Greater Toronto event (a BIG thank you to my colleagues Fern and Leanne for inviting me and for all the work everyone put into it).  A chance to be up close and personal with Dufflet, Zane, Ezra and David?  These are giants in their own right, savvy entrepreneurs, and leaders of the Toronto foodie scene (David now lives in New York, but anyone who wants to save delis is ok in my book).  I’ll be honest- I was a little starstruck when Dufflet walked in.  It took my friend and I two tries before we worked up the courage to say hello and tell her what big fans we are.  He’s a doctor and I jump out of airplanes for fun- we’re pretty nervy individuals!- but I still dream of the Dufflet cake brought to my home for a casual potluck: ribbons of raspberry swirled through decadent fudgey chocolate brownie-cake.  If my guests hadn’t seen it, I would have hidden it for a midnight snack (and breakfast the next day, and lunch, and, well, you get the idea).  Even with them having seen it, I still plotted our escape.

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