A few months ago, I spent some time doing volunteer work in Kenya through the volunteer agency International Volunteer HQ. I stayed with a Kenyan family and volunteered at an orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons camps, and with the Masai (warrior tribes in Kenya). It was an extremely moving experience. Read more.

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    The blogs here are ones I love and read regularly.

    www.achowlife.com – Robin’s creative recipes from Seattle.  One to watch- she’s going places.

    www.carolinescravings.blogspot.com – Caroline, a professional cook, shares her love of food.

    www.eatlivetravelwrite.com – Mardi does a lot of all four from her home base in Toronto.

    www.loveandoliveoil.com  – Lindsay, Taylor and kitty Kalypso (if you have cats you’ll understand why Kalypso gets her own nod) share delicious recipes from Nashville, TN.  I love the header- you can tell they’re talented.

    www.lafujimama.com  – Drawing inspiration from the variety of places she has lived, including Paris, Japan, Southern California and Memphis, Rachael shares an eclectic and inspiring mix of recipes.

    www.mykitchenaddiction.com – A fresh perspective on food from Jen in Harrisburg, PA, with lots of interesting features, including Kitchen Boot Camp, a monthly challenge for bloggers.  Watch for my participating posts.

    www.mytartelette.com- Tartelette: Helen, a French ex-pat now living in South Carolina, shares recipes and some of the most stunning photography I’ve ever seen.

    www.simplyrecipes.com – Elise Bauer and friends share Bauer family and other recipes.  Reputed to be the most-read food blog on the net, reaching over one hundred thousand visitors daily.

    www.teeniecakes.com – Cristina muses about cooking, wine and food.  Beautiful, inspiring photography.  And she’s super nice!

    www.thehazelbloom.com  – The Hazel Bloom: Kare blogs about all things domestic from Seattle.  Great voice- this is one of my favourites.

    http://theyearofthecookie.blogspot.com/ - Tawny bakes up delectable treats.

    Non-Food Related:

    www.tkmtacademy.com – Toronto Kickboxing Muay Thai.  Awesome place.  I’m at the Uptown location a lot, so let me know if you want to come try a class!