A few months ago, I spent some time doing volunteer work in Kenya through the volunteer agency International Volunteer HQ. I stayed with a Kenyan family and volunteered at an orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons camps, and with the Masai (warrior tribes in Kenya). It was an extremely moving experience. Read more.

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    About Me

    Hi!  I’m Mindy.

    Growing up in a family of six kids meant a lot of hungry mouths to feed!  My mom’s delicious cooking really whetted my appetite to create meals as yummy as hers (my dad had a few tricks up his sleeve too), but it wasn’t until I was living on my own that I began to cook.  Like so many other bloggers, I’m a self-taught cook and recipe developer.  Originally from Montreal, I now blog in Toronto, Canada, where I live with my two cats.

    Throughout my experiments in the kitchen, I became interested in what foods actually do to us.  What does make certain foods so healthy and others not?  If we’re deficient in a certain vitamin, what should we be eating more of?  What do all those strange ingredient names on the back of cans actually mean?  And so, A Balanced Kitchen was born.

    This blog strives to emphasize ingredients, what they contain, and how they affect us.  I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  If you see something I’ve missed, please feel free to add information in the comment section.  If you think I’ve erred on a certain point, please feel free to comment (politely) as well.  This blog is meant to share information, and a team effort is great.

    I train in muay thai, a martial art hailing from Thailand, intensively.

    Comments:  I love comments (what blogger doesn’t?)!  However, I reserve the right to remove any comments I find distasteful (no pun intended:), rude, offensive or spam.

    Link exchanges: My Blogroll consists of blogs I love, so I won’t do link exchanges simply because I’m asked.  I do, however, love seeing what everyone else is up to, so please feel free to send me your blog address if you want me to see it.

    Restaurant Reviews: I only review restaurants where I had a positive experience.  I’m not in the business of bashing someone else’s hard work or livelihood so don’t post negative reviews.  This does not mean my reviews aren’t truthful; on the contrary I write honestly about the experience I’ve had.  I simply choose to write about the positive ones. 

    Twitter:  Find me @abalancdkitchen (no ‘e’ in ‘balancd’ here)