A few months ago, I spent some time doing volunteer work in Kenya through the volunteer agency International Volunteer HQ. I stayed with a Kenyan family and volunteered at an orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons camps, and with the Masai (warrior tribes in Kenya). It was an extremely moving experience. Read more.

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    About Me

    Hi!  I’m Mindy.

    Growing up in a family of six kids meant a lot of hungry mouths to feed.  My mom’s delicious cooking really whetted my appetite to create meals as yummy as hers (my dad had a few tricks up his sleeve too), but it wasn’t until I was living on my own that I began to cook.  Like so many other bloggers, I’m a self-taught cook and recipe developer.  Originally from Montreal followed by many years in Toronto, Canada, I now live and blog in Brisbane, Australia, where I live with my boyfriend J, and our two cats.  I study medicine by day and eat everything I can by night.

    Find Me: I love meeting other foodies, so if you live in Brisbane or are passing through, let me know!

    Photography: All photos on this site are taken by myself or J, with all rights reserved.  Please be in touch if you would like to use a photo.

    Restaurant Reviews: I only review restaurants where I had a positive experience.  I’m not in the business of bashing someone else’s hard work or livelihood so I have chosen not to post negative reviews.  This does not mean my reviews aren’t truthful; on the contrary I write honestly about the experience I’ve had.  I simply choose to write about positive ones.

    Twitter:  Find me @abalancdkitchen (no ‘e’ in ‘balancd’ here)

    Email: spinds@hotmail.com